Fanless Series

HIPER Global US has a diverse Fanless Appliance offering!

Ruggedized and fanless hardware appliances are designed for harsh environments. They can be built to withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, and dust, making them ideal for use in industrial, outdoor, and other demanding applications.

Ruggedized appliances also feature fanless designs, which eliminates the risk of dust and debris clogging the fans and causing damage. This makes them a more reliable choice for applications where uptime is critical.

Tell us your requirements and we will match you with the right hardware. Below are some samples of our offerings:

Gigabyte Brix Extreme

ASRock iBOX Series

Supermicro Fanless IoT

Intel Chaco Austin Beach

Intel® NUC Rugged Chassis Element

Intel® NUC 8 Rugged Kit

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