About Us

Who is HIPER Global US?

HIPER Global US (formerly Network Allies) was founded in 2002 on the principles of strategic partnerships and leading-edge computing technology. Offering a full range of world-class hardware platforms and related technical services, we work with industry leading manufacturers to deliver custom or commercial off-the-shelf products. 

HIPER Global US is a leader in providing OEMs and ISVs with application-specific computing hardware solutions that require engineering and manufacturing expertise to meet their customer needs – efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our US locations include North Andover, MA (US Headquarters), Marlborough, MA, and Alpharetta, GA.

We strongly believe in forming partnerships with all our clients.

We develop strategic partnerships with our clients to help to lower risks and simplify the new product process.  Doing everything we can to lower your costs, increase your competitive advantage, and improve profitability. By doing so, our clients can focus on their core competencies. 

We can achieve this goal by being flexible and becoming a direct extension of your engineering, manufacturing, quality, and procurement departments throughout the complete product life cycle, acting as a virtual division of your company.


In early 2020 Network Allies, LLC was acquired by HIPER Global Ltd. (TASE: HIPR), formerly EMET Computing. HIPER Global is a full-service provider of computing solutions to OEM customers.

Jim Reinhold, CEO of HIPER Global US, “It is always a key objective of ours to totally support our customers and their growth. After 20 years in business, many of our customers are growing internationally and we wanted to be able to fully support those customers. Likewise, there are many international customers that want to grow their business in the U.S. This is why it is exciting to be a part of HIPER Global. Our rebranding to HIPER Global US reflects our goals and mission of continued support for all of our worldwide customers.

Shahaf Shrager, HIPER Global CEO, ”In recent years, we have evolved into a global organization capable of supporting customers in many geographies. As part of the company’s vision, we enable our customers to stay local while going global, by providing local support for their product development processes, as well as enabling the manufacture and delivery of products in other geographies. This will enable them closer proximity to their end customers and access to markets in which they operate on a global scale. It will allow us to maximize our customers’ competitiveness – a key power in the global arena.”

For more information about our services and products please contact our sales team.