Rack Integration

At HIPER Global US we offer services above and beyond to support our customers.

Our team has experience with “rack stack” for our server products with the ancillary equipment needed to outfit a plug and play rack. We have strategic supply chains with power, switch, video, and cabling supplies to allow us to procure, assemble, test, check quality control and securely deliver a proven rack integrated infrastructure to you or directly to your customer.

Our team can design the rack layout and cabling or build to your documentation package. Our systems ship palletized with all parts populated and ready to go. The destination facility can simply remove the rack from the pallet, plug the system into the wall, and be fully operational. This expedited service reduces the lead time required to have a fully operational system online and in use.

HIPER Global US Rack Integration Features available:

  • Full documentation packages
  • Server and rail kit installation
  • Manufacture of custom brackets for mounting PDUs
  • Enhanced rack level testing and verification
    • Customer supplied testing software
    • HIPER Global US developed tests
  • Power subsystem and optional battery backup sizing
  • Network layouts and implementation (1G, 10G, 40G, 100G options available)
  • Customer required PCI cards installed and cabled
  • Keyboard, Video, Monitor (KVM) installation
  • Single rack or multiple rack systems
  • Cable labeling and custom branding Secure shipping and handling

Server Partners:

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