Advanced Engineering

Whether for ruggedized military or commercial applications, HIPER Global US will bring your vision to life.

At HIPER Global US we offer more than just your typical engineering services. Our experienced team is here to support your products throughout their entire lifecycle!

This includes supporting the platform requirements thru product design, testing and validation, and monitoring of product obsolescence. We also specialize in customization if you need something more than the standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS).

We provide:
  • Ruggedized products to meet your environmental needs
  • Specialized enclosures for unique footprint requirements
  • Custom backplanes and cooling solutions
  • Custom BIOS configurations
  • Machining and mechanical bracket design
  • Weight reduction
  • Silk screened, Embossed, laminate branding
  • Military and commercial certifications:
    • Shock, vibe, thermal, EMI, Safety, etc.
  • Documentation packages (i.e. System Control Drawings (SCD))
  • Configuration management, Engineering change management
  • In-house testing capabilities:
    • Thermal, Humidity, Airflow, Airborne noise
    • Design reviews and prototyping