Commercial & Industrial

Our team works with industry leaders to tailor solutions for specific applications while meeting all requirements.

We design and build systems that increase performance, lengthen product life cycles, and bring reliable solutions to market faster than ever before. We have a sustained track record of delivering leading-edge computing solutions to our customers faster, more efficiently, and cost-effectively

Our experienced team handles the design, test, and manufacturing. If we do not have an off-the-shelf product that fits your needs, we can design a custom solution that meets your every requirement. We offer a variety of services and add-ins to deliver the ultimate “turnkey” appliance.

Once the transaction is complete, our work doesn’t stop there. We partner with your engineering and supply chain teams to constantly ensure that you are receiving the quality appliance you expect every time!

We provide:
  • Full system design, integration and test
  • Off the shelf or custom chassis
  • Revision control
  • Image load
  • Fulfillment – direct ship to the end customer
  • Branding with your company logo

Unified Communications

HIPER Global US has partnered with some of the top Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the Unified Communication (UC) Industry. Thanks to our diverse offering of appliances and partnerships with the top hardware manufacturers, we deliver the latest in UC appliances to our partners.

Visual Communications

From Broadcast to Digital Signage, this industry is constantly evolving and so are the appliance offerings from HIPER Global US. If an embedded, longer lifecycle is more of what you need we have you covered.


Robotics is increasingly taking a role to automate repetitive tasks while improving safety, decreasing worker injuries and increasing efficiencies. HIPER Global US will collaborate with you to transform your innovations into a new competitive edge while saving you time, resources and money.


Storage servers are the backbone of any modern business. They provide a central location for storing and accessing data, making it easy for employees to collaborate and share information. Storage servers also help to protect data from loss or damage, and they can be used to back up important files. HIPER Global works with the many storage hardware providers from Hard Disk and Solid State Disk Manufacturers, to RAID controller manufacturers and large storage chassis vendors. If you need large file or object storage as a JBOD appliance or as an fully deployable Storage Server, contact HIPER today!