Security and Surveillance

In today’s world, surveillance is about more than just security.

The latest surveillance solutions are also intelligent and designed to help drive business decisions. These decisions affect staffing requirements, where to place promotional products and traffic flow conditions, etc.

The security and surveillance industry encompasses a wide range of technologies and practices aimed at protecting people, property and information. The use of physical security systems, such as access control, CCTV cameras, intrustion detection systems, alarm systems and many others. 

How can HIPER Global US help?

Compute hardware plays a large role in this industry to store data or work on the edge. HIPER can provide you with not only the hardware and services to get your products to wherever they need to go, but also hold stock and kit your complete solutions (servers with cameras and other peripherals).

Our experienced team handles the design, test, and manufacturing.  If we do not have an off the shelf product that fits your needs, we can design a custom solution that meets your every requirement.  We offer a variety of services and add-ins to deliver the ultimate “turnkey” appliance.

Once the transaction is complete, our work doesn’t stop there. We partner with your engineering and supply chain teams to constantly ensure that you are receiving the quality appliance you expect every time!

We provide:

  • Full system design, integration and test
  • Off the shelf or custom chassis
  • Revision control
  • Regulatory testing – FCC, UL etc.
  • Inventory management
  • Software image load
  • Fulfillment – direct ship to the end customer
  • Branding with your company logo and colors